Benefits of spending time in nature by Zephyr Khambatta

3 Benefits Of Spending Time In Nature

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These days, there are a lot of people "going green", spending time in nature, walking barefoot, being vegan, and so on. As for me, I dislike and do not resonate with comparisons and competition in the field of personal development as the spiritual journey, is a personal one. So let's look at this in a lighter way. 

Before there were concrete, steel, glass and other such materials, there was nature. There were plants. There was soil. To put this in an extremely simplistic way, spending time in nature restores you to what is natural. 

If you'd like to go more in depth, let's do so briefly here, without me telling you all my spiritual tales of my time in nature. 

Benefits Of Spending Time In Nature

  1. When your feet or other body parts touch the soil directly, you experience what is known as an "Earthing" effect. Earthing means that the massive abundance of free electrons from the earth rise up into your body and neutralise any free radicals that there may be. Free radicals are atoms, molecules or ions which have unpaired electrons. It is widely known and/or believed that free radicals contribute to any inflammatory disease in your body. Hence, it is beneficial to spend as much time "Earthing" as you can. Soil, beaches, sea-water... etc. Any large nature body connected to the Earth is your friend. Of course, be careful of all the creatures that could be venomous or kill you. Please do your research first on your own and enter at your own risk.
  2. There are nature spirits living in nature. In other articles I might go into depth about what I've experienced in my meditations and personal spiritual journeys. In the meantime, whether you're a follower of Jesus, or Shiva, a Norse god, or Guanyin, or any spiritual practise or even an atheist, you need to know that there are (or can be) energies at play that you simply know nothing about... yet. The Universe is a vast place and claiming you know everything would not only be arrogant, it would be foolish and stupid. 😂 What some of us including me CAN say for now is that we've experienced things which are beyond the scope of this generic article. Give it a go, and surrender to your divine beings. Hold a blessing, prayer or wish in your heart and keep that positive energy up while being there.
  3. If you don't take your devices along, it restores your body to what it was before humans started interfering on the planet. Basically, a time for your eyes, mind, emotions, soul and spirit to recharge. I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE self-care and relaxation and we do need a recharge from time to time. For a lot of us... daily. 

In short, when you don't have a spa or massage parlour nearby, step into nature. 

Also check out this related article on resting and how to actually rest, in case you are experiencing burnout.


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