Is The Dark Evil? Or Is It Simply Existence? Blog By Zephyr Khambatta.

Is The Dark Evil? Or Is It Simply Existence?

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This article is going to be extremely short. It is normal for those who are just starting to spiritually awaken to think that the "Dark" is "Evil". I understand your concern but this is a fallacy.


Is The Dark Evil?

Without our Sun, all you would know (largely other than when stars approached), would be darkness. Space is black. So is space evil? You're on a floating ball inside space, let me remind you. Your family and their bodies rejuvenate at night. When you're asleep. Without light. So is the night evil? How can a time of day that rejuvenates you be evil? 

The roads you travel on are black. So paths that get you to your destinations are now evil? You might meet the love of your life at night under a black sky. So now the conditions that created a loving marriage for you are evil? 

No my friends, when you start looking at things carefully you realise that the dark, is not evil. It just is. It exists.

Or Is It Simply Existence?

Here's my proposition. Let us stop dealing with fairytales if we can, and look at science, reality, spirituality and metaphysics (all of the same things if you understand how they are connected, but that's another topic for another day). Some religious books, some religious folk, some movies, and certain stories will typically put "darkness" as "wrong" or "evil" into your consciousness since young.

That's why you now believe that. But if you look at our planet, where it's situated, how light and dark actually work scientifically, you come to understand that the "dark" at its most potent, is basically a flavour of existence. That's all. You have day, and night, and both are amazing for different activities, people and purposes. You have different colours. Black is a colour, so is white. Neither dark nor light is better or worse than another. They simply exist. 

Many humans have a dark skin colour and some have a light skin colour. Existence. Some of the best humans you'll meet in terms of kindness and love will wear black. Existence. 

Many parts of this actual screen you're reading this on at the moment could be black including this handwriting. Existence. Most font in the books that have taught you everything you know is black. Existence. 

Trust in reality. Not fairytales. That said... on second thought... the faeries are a very amazing and powerful force too with lovely tales. Another story for another day.

Love âĪïļ
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 Hey there, Zephyr here. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.


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