Can slow progress be real progress? Blog article by Zephyr Khambatta

Is It Ok To Give Up? Message 1/365

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Is it ok to progress slowly? How slow is good? How fast is good? Can slow progress be real progress?

Here's a short 1.5 minute video summarising this:

Goals. Dreams. Achievements. 

They sure do make us feel good. Both the visualising of them, and also the attaining of them. However, sometimes we can start to question our own passions, hobbies, ambitions or dreams if we have not made the progress we think we should have made by the time we are having this consideration.

We've all been there. I've had my own music played on radio stations around the world, had VH1 and MTV play one of my music videos, this one, and I sometimes still ask myself if I "should" be doing music. The truth is, there is no answer to that, because there are no "should"s. There is no judgmental man or woman in the sky about to let you know whether a creative pursuit is "right" for you. 


You could be promoted to Head of Business Development in 5 months, or 10 years. The bottom line is, it is up to you how slow or fast you want to go and none are "wrong". No experience is wasted, and no effort is useless. Anything new that you create, is just that. CREATION. If you painted 2 art pieces, and then stopped for 3 years because you had a baby, you can continue now with the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th and so on. If you do, you now have 5 art pieces. If you do not, you still have 2. 

Am I hinting at you to continue? Yes I am... if you want more art pieces. Art pieces can be sold. Money can be used to eat, or build a bigger art studio, to churn out even more art pieces, comfortably. If you once treasured or valued something that you were creating, whether that's a sculpture in your own home workshop, or a new business strategy for the company you work at, and you stopped, you can always pick it up again after a break. 

There are no limits to what you can do, so why not explore them till your last breath? Unless you are too busy exploring other things and you cannot humanly pick up everything you once stopped and continue, then sure. But always be exploring my friends. It is stimulation for the mind, food for your soul and activity for your body. You are limitless. 

When it comes to creation, there really are no rules. So have at it. In fact, creation is life, and life is creation. Create everything you can dream up and imagine till the day you die. 

Where do you think your dreams and imagination come from, anyway? Do you know that they are linked to the divine? That is however, another blog post, for another day. 

Be well my friends. 

All My Love
Zephyr Khambatta

This was message 1 out of 365 messages that I released to guide you on your path, in 2021. You can use these messages annually. They will take some time to upload on YouTube, but there should be an ever growing playlist soon. You can look at a new video every day for a total of 365 days.  

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