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Book Title & Author

Title: The Visitor (in the U.K.) or Running Blind (in the U.S.)
Author: Lee Child


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Trying to review a Lee Child book is like trying to review God, and this article is not meant as a critical review, and I'm not a book expert, but rather, a lover of books. I hope you share the same joy as I do reading Lee Child's books. 


Plot & Writing Style (Spoiler alert)

This has by far got to be one of the best Jack Reacher / Lee Child plots I've read so far. It starts off slow and contemplative and then hurtles along at breakneck speed towards the end. At some points, you can feel yourself wanting to turn the pages faster but also relish every moment. Or maybe that's just me, but I doubt it. Sexual tension is everywhere, a little more than usual. The climax and reveal of the serial killer (we do not know till the end as stated in the synopsis) is a shocker. I definitely did not see that coming. 

The deaths in the book while mysterious were not gory, and I enjoyed that, as this was my first Jack Reacher since Covid-19 lockdowns started, and with the major spiritual awakening happening on Earth, I just do not see myself associating my media with excessive violence. Or even any violence, if possible. The plot does twist and turn and have more than one location and state in the U.S., which always makes it interesting and provides some contrast in pace, both for the characters and the reader.

There were amazing bits throughout this book. I love the different scene changes from a morgue to negotiation tables and brainstorming sessions between the investigative team to right smack in the city centre in an afternoon to country homes in the wilderness. Lee Child is a master craftsman but everyone already knows that. 

Characters & Development

Jack partners up with a couple of women, one gorgeous, one not so (according to the author anyway), and they have cooperation from a couple of men from the armed forces / government. I really enjoyed how in this book (as mentioned in my YouTube video), Jack took the time to describe each character in depth and set a mood, before proceeding with the majority of the story.

In my humble opinion this makes reading a lot more gripping rather than having the reader to turn back every few pages like in books where authors do not give sufficient time to character development. That's one of my biggest problems when reading books, trying to turn back and forth because of today's society's distractions, where a couple of lines of description when introducing a new character just doesn't do it for me. It sails right over my head. 


In summary, this Jack Reacher novel was the least violent novel I've read, but also one of the most gripping. To be fair, all of Lee's work is gripping! It was a masterfully done piece, with the signature Child contrast of tantalising suspense meets breakneck page turning. Because of it's rather non violent nature, I enjoyed it, as I speak about peace, love, unity etc., and try to exemplify that in my life when I can as well! 

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