Online business owners, are you burning out? Rest to ensure longevity. Read this first.

ðŸĪ• Small YOUTUBERS, REST to ensure Longevity. âĪïļ

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Small YouTubers, where are you in your journey?

Are you a new or small YouTuber? Where are you in your journey? Just beginning? Maybe only 330 or so subscribers like me? Maybe an email list of say 100 people? No email list? Wowee. You're brand new. 

Look, I've been in several "long game" journeys in my life. From a relationship, to going from a nobody to being 1st in the whole standard at school (not class), to going from being the waterboy in the hockey team to running circles around the same people who were "elite" after a few years of training and continuing to train even after they left school when they didn't to going from being called "tone deaf" in the first year of arts college to now having my music and videos featured on Apple Music's New Music Daily, VH1 India, and MTV Asia. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the "long game".

Guess what you need for the long game? Longevity. 

Ok, that's pretty obvious. The word "long" is inside the word "longevity".

Honestly, everything is a long game other than "What are we having for lunch?" I'm a full time content-creator right now myself, and let me tell you despite the amount of content I put out online, I make sure to have at least 8-9 hours of sleep. Sleep is very important, but that's another topic for another day. 

... And how do you get longevity? You Rest. 

"I'll rest when I'm dead." You will. However, you might also die sooner than you were intending to because you haven't mastered the human body, something which is much closer to you than your other endeavours which you hold so dear. "Oh nah, I don't really care about my body." You might not, right now. But you will, when your body reminds you that it's the closest thing to you. Diseases, injuries, discomfort... these are your body's ways of telling you to wake the... to wake up. 🙂

Do you know, that muscles aren't built in the gym? They're built in the kitchen and in the bed. When you rest. Yup. That's how fitness works, that's why anybody with a solid physique will go on and on about recovery periods if you ask them. That's when the building happens. 

As a content creator, your brain and body is on fire, daily. Maybe a good kind of fire, in many cases. To become the best version of you though, from instilling new skills in yourself to letting all your new ideas assimilate into your being, you will need down time. 

Here's what I suggest. 

As a life coach, certified personal trainer, certified spiritual healer (how do you like that mind/body/spirit combo 😉), yada yada yada, you can try any of the following or all of them.


  1. Time your breaks into solid time blocks. For example, if you feel a burnout or heavy exhaustion type of feeling coming on, do it immediately. Let's say it's 2:30pm. Tell yourself, "I will work hard till 3pm and then from 3-430pm, I'm going to (pick anyone of these or whatever helps you relax: read a book, walk in the park, go get a massage where I will COMPLETELY switch off, sleep, nap, shower, have a sexcapade, meditate or cook)." 
  2. Schedule entire days off. One of the success coaches I follow (probably the most accomplished success coach in the world) recommends taking time off from 12 midnight to 12 midnight the following day. 24 hours with no work whatsoeverAt first I thought this was a bit excessive but over time I realised it was what was needed. In fact he goes as far as to say that if you nail your business, you can have 3-4 out of 7 days off every week. Forever. 
  3. This one might come as a surprise to some, and a welcome relief to others. DO WHAT YOU LOVE (either as a career or as a YouTube channel or as a break). Some of you are like, "But I love my work!!!", and some of you are like, "OMG how exciting!!!" Yes. LOL. If you're doing something you don't necessarily love, just to make money, then for this group, I would suggest doing one activity you absolutely love in the day, every day. It can be something small or tiny that takes 2 minutes. It will restore you to nature, the natural flow of the Universe, and make you generally less tired. As Jack Canfield says, "Joy is your inner guidance system. "


Take it easy my friends, and see you at the finish line. Oops, forgot to mention. There is no finish line. So rest along the way!

Also, because this is related, read my other article on the benefits of spending time in nature, here.

Love âĪïļ
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