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Make Life Better - Shut Off Work At 9pm?

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Hey Everyone, 

Hope you're doing amazing today.

I woke up with an inspired idea to create this blog, as I do with all my inspired ideas. I'm going to keep it extremely short (which is a first for me). 

What if... we just shut everything off at 9pm work wise? And maybe device wise, at 10pm? 

So that well... we could sleep early? Sleeping early surely would result in a better life for all of us I think. Without going into rocket science, maybe just based on our Circadian Rhythm. 

My daughter is definitely asleep by 1030pm everyday. This would mean then, and if we're considering that children have something to teach us all since they are the purest and most un-conditioned souls on the planet (and that the people on Earth aren't currently in harmony with the Universe (and that souls come from the Universe or outside Earth in a sense)), that we would do well to follow how they live. 

If anything, it's these man-made devices and screens that would keep them up. On their own, they're listening to their body's signals. 

We should too I guess. I'm not sure about you, but I'm going to start trying this from today. 

Yes even though my work is largely made up of my passions (I have no day job). I'm going to cut it at 9pm, and cut electronics by 10pm. I'm not sure what I'll do after, but perhaps practise on the old drumming practise pad on my balcony under the stars, till I feel sleepy. 

I'm hoping, that my example and thought process inspires you. 

All My Love

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