You Sleep Better When You Tell The Truth.

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You sleep better when you tell the truth.

Since 2008, I have lived peacefully from my core and my most authentic life.

Here's how: by telling the truth.

When you always tell the truth, you sleep really well. Y
ou might not be very accepted, on a planet full of liars, but the sleep… Omg. Like multiple dreamy orgasms on repeat.

Try it. I bet you laughed at that phrase "on a planet full of liars". Well... there you go... telling the truth. 

Note: This also means telling yourself the truth about things you might not be ready to accept. That's the hard part. Once you do though, your life will never be the same again. You get an instant boost in the inner peace department. 

Why? Because you have less things to remember, because you have no stories to spin. You can just say things as they are, always, and to everyone. 

That my friends, is freedom. 

Check out the graphic and other inspirational quotes on Insta!

I'll leave you with this. Whatever happens, remember to never, EVER, stop telling the truth, in as many situations as you can. Not all of us can do it 100% of the time, given our current understanding of the world, and comfort level at being seen for who we truly are, but if you can... 

Reach for 100.  

Love âĪïļ
Three Part Human

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