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For Immediate Release:

This website, previously known as, has now been renamed to as of July 14th, 2022.

The reasons are stated in my Facebook page post from 16th July, and can be found in this blog post/press release.


The same applies to this website and it was changed a couple of days earlier, on the 14th of July, 2022. My YouTube channel was also changed a night before that, on the 13th of July.


"Dear Friends, Family, Supporters & Fans, as you may know, this has been my official page for some years now, as I navigated show business and teaching about it, and then went through an arc into my own spiritual awakening, coming out the other side, and now teaching, coaching and consulting in the areas of entertainment, mind, body and spirit, along with continuing to release songs. This started in 2019, and the name I divinely channeled at 1:44am (angel numbers) one night, was "Three Part Human".

It's turned out to be the perfect fit for me and my movement/concept. As you may know, I have been slowly, steadily, tirelessly and continuously churning out health tips, courses, personal trainings, mental health counselling sessions, inspirational messages and so on, since then.

At the end of 2020, I registered Three Part Human Records. Last year was a break year music wise, but this year I've already released 2 songs which both made it to the media.

Around 2019 and 2020 I was posting on heavily on a small page I started here on FB called Three Part Human. However, over time, I realised that since I am the main force and content creator behind it, I started posting more heavily on this page since more of you connect with me here. You may have noticed that this year.

And again, the plot twists. I realised that my younger ambitions of being a "star", have now matured into serving the planet and each other as we try to transition metaphysically into a system of Unity rather than Duality. Don't get me wrong, I still want to be a star (and some would say I've accomplished some things in my time). I have realised though, that we are all stars. Divinity and our soul missions run through us, regardless of our careers (I bet some of you sat up at that one.)

Hence, since all my activities on Earth (entertainment and inspiration wise) in the areas of life, mindset, physique, spirituality, love, inspiration, creativity, curiosity and magic tie into the name Three Part Human, I've decided to rename my official socials and web which churn out all these tips, courses and positive juju into,, and so on. This makes more sense as my platform potentially grows and impacts more people and customers.

In fact, now that I think about it, the way Facebook set it up makes perfect sense. People have profiles, and businesses have pages. Now that I'm a grown up LOL, this DOES make sense (better late than never). Of course, if I one day get famous, and I need a page, great, but I love to chat, and you can always add me on my friend profile which carries my personal human name, if you are just interested to be friends.

It's clear to me now, my mission, is bigger than me. It's not about me. It's about you. And, a larger entity name like Three Part Human suits others better than my name does. I will always be me, but we are all Three Part Humans: Mind, Body & Spirit. I have had more than 50 signs from above about this name, but I won't bore you with that here, you will be able to learn more about divine signs on my blog, soon. (This Blog.)

Please accept my humble gratitude for sticking with me through this journey, inspiring me, supporting me, and following me, and for allowing me to inspire you, support you, and follow you. 🙏🏻

As my healer whispers into my ears every morning... "Together, We Rise."

I wish you a lovely weekend ahead, and please allow some time for the energy from the full moon to dissipate. Please be gentle with yourself.

With Sincerity & Pure Love,


Follow the arrows in this Blog post's image, and they point to the change of our branding. From "Zephyr Khambatta" (my name) and the slogan underneath, to "Three Part Human". Incidentally, that's also my company logo, which, you might have seen around socials and my online branding for the past 3 years, albeit with my own name. I was too scared to make the jump into a company from my own name, but recently, I've become braver. 

I also feel like I'd be releasing new music with "Three Part Human" as the artist name, as that vision did come to me during a few meditations. So it's all working out well in the end with this name.

Perhaps one day you might see a DJ at your favourite wellness festival with the stage name, "Three Part Human". 

If you do, please come by and say hi. 

Thank you for your attention, and please update your bookmarks accordingly. 

Email subscriptions will remain unchanged, not to worry!

All My Love,
Zephyr Khambatta

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