All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Um, not really. As a life coach (or as I prefer to say, Life Explorer), let me explain why. Each of these are tools I use, not my main and only "identity" or "career". When you are in touch with divine wisdom, you start to disregard the titles, as I do. My mission here on Earth (or so I've been told, another story for another day) is to awaken the species and spread divine wisdom and channellings, one human at a time (or many... hurray internet!)

Part of living a balanced and powerful life is creating and expressing what you want to here on Earth, using all the tools available to you. That's what I do, and it can seem like a lot, but I assure you, I don't have more than 24 hours in a day. 

The tools mentioned above are those I choose to spend them on, wholeheartedly and passionately. Side note: don't ever let anyone restrict however expansively you want to live. Your soul came here to create, not diminish. We ALL have many sides to us, but not if you listen to how society wants to "box you in". 


Now here's a little bit more:

I went through a major spiritual awakening in my life after (and while) attending the top schools in Singapore - Raffles Institution and the National University of Singapore. I decided to drop out and pursue a path more authentic to me which shocked my entire circle in 2008. I auditioned for a music degree at LASALLE College of the Arts and ended up doing well both there and in the music industry after, getting music featured on MTV Asia, VH1 India, Coconuts Yangon, etc. Along my journey, I realised the need to help people out of the oppressed society that we have created for ourselves around this planet - in many ways, not just financially. Of course, as I've always been strongly tuned in to the divine, there was much guidance from above as well.


What I aim to achieve through my courses, education and sharing of my story and client examples via my blogYouTube channel and upcoming podcast etc, is for human beings to get limitlessly familiar with their minds, bodies and spirits. In so doing, people can align themselves with the highest truths and peace. When larger and larger numbers of human beings experience this, humans and their conditions can start to change and we can create a better world for all.


This is something I've said often - "Let's face it. Calm, whole and aligned human beings do not go to war, get aggressive, play power games, try to control others or ignore the environment’s well being. We can start to solve most problems on the planet by simply getting in deep touch with ourselves first."


I've been doing my part for this process by creating and performing music, offering life & success coachingspiritual healing & counselling services and courses that enable human beings to enjoy, learn more about themselves and express themselves creatively. I am a life and success coach, a counsellor, a Universal healer and a body transformation coach, among other things, specialising in self-discovery and authenticity for private clients (which then has far-reaching and deep effects on all areas of their lives). I hold a BA (Hons) Music, am a certified personal trainer, a certified Reiki Master healer, an ordained priest (but am more of a free thinker) and hold a foundational cert in Agile thinking and leadership.


I also channel wisdom from other realms in my practise which cannot be certified in Earthly terms. I am neutral on the topic of certifications for both myself and for my clients (often clients have issues about their professional "development" or their self-worth, and base it on how certified they are in their fields).


My broad corporate and artistic background is in holistic health, music, marketing and the service fields. From 2017 to 2022, I worked in several startups directly with the founders as their right-hand person often taking a chief-of-staff role. My combined experience (since 2008) in Coaching, Teaching, Marketing, Content, Project Management & Sales in the Holistic Health, L&D, F&B, Events, Media, Pharma & SaaS industries has culminated in a very interesting journey which now adds to the wisdom I can impart in my coaching, counselling and healing practice. As someone who's done well even in the self-employed and creative industries outside my day jobs, I have gained a lot of knowledge and insights from "both sides" and this makes me a unique, potent and rare addition to any company, team, event or talk.


I have overcome many mental, emotional and physical struggles while growing up. It has been my pleasure to teach children as young as 3 and adults as old as 65. Creatively, I went from being called “tone deaf” to having my music featured on MTV & VH1 in 8 years flat. I have also been featured in the media, events and talks over 26 times for my life choices, music education and music.


I feel blessed to be able to share my journey, knowledge and wisdom with others who can benefit. In addition to coaching, counselling and healing, I am and have been a recording artist, a music producer, a music production teacher, a drummer, a drumming teacher, a writer, a speaker and an actor (including on primetime TV in Singapore). As you can see, I use various tools to spread the same message which is to get you in touch with the highest truths and light. I am a messenger of divine wisdom. Every human is creative. Every human deserves the right to freedom, education, knowledge and peace.


If you have personal issues in relationships, mental health, fitness, life, authenticity, being yourself, career, creative industries etc that you'd like to reach out about, schedule a quick free chat here: Book a free call with me.


All My Love
❤️ Zephyr ❤️