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Top To Toe


by Zephyr Khambatta

Lose  Weight  Healthily,  Sculpt  An  Attractive  Body, Reduce  Inflammation,

Lower  Your  Stress & Be Blissful, Healthy & Knowledgeable

From  Your  Own  Home  With  No  Pills, Powders,  HIIT  Or  Personal  Trainers,

For  A  New  Lease  On  Life,  Permanently!

Body Sculpting & Holistic Health Superpowers For Individuals

We help individuals who want to slim down and have a great body,
learn how to lose weight healthily, sculpt an attractive body,
reduce inflammation & lower their stress from their own home,
so they can experience exceptional well-being, confidence,
self-esteem and happiness, without pills, powders, HIIT,
giving up their favourite foods, starting any ridiculous
diets or having to hire a personal trainer ever again.

Running Up

Looking To Lose Fats



Sick Of Fad Diets


(Seriously, what kind of BS is that? We feel you.)


Are You Facing & Dealing With Negative Emotions

Because Of Your Health & Body?

Is Your Stomach Full Of Powders & Pills That



Are You Fed Up Of Having

To Pay Personal Trainers Only



Are You Repulsed By

HIIT Workouts Where You’re Like



Gourmet Meal

Are You Craving Your Favourite Food




Are You Secretly Having A Hunch That

You’ll Have A Heart Attack Eating The Amount Of Meat

Your Personal Trainer Said




YES? Read On.

NO? Close this website. Now.

Your Current Situation Could Be

One Or All Of The Below:

Excess weight

Excess weight at problem areas but not limited to - Tummy, Thighs, Arms, Legs.

negative emotions

Lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, lack of happiness, depression.

ineffective diet

Seem to be eating low quantities of food but fat on body still seems to be increasing.

pudgy appearance & no visible structure

Lack of muscle definition. When your limbs don't look like limbs but piles and folds of flesh. Lack of a toned and chiselled body that looks and feels great in simple outfits like a T-shirt and shorts.

low stamina

You cannot run or jump much or be active like you want to be.

yo-yo weight

You cannot seem to maintain stable weight.


& Fatigue

You feel weak and you experience unnatural fatigue from daily activities.

you are slim but want to take it to the next level

You are more or less slim but feel like you've never experienced the next level or the sculpted physique that makes people go wow or melt. 

Skinny Fat

You are skinny, but you still don't see any ab muscles or the nice cuts and chisel that people who exercise seem to have.

health is a myth & you want to start

You think health, exercise, stretching and anything to do with anatomy is confusing

and new.

Don't worry, we've got your back, it isn't. We'll take you from beginner to expert.

Your Current Issues Could Include:

  • Laziness

  • Lack of time

  • Irregular sleep

  • Lots of traveling

  • Lack of motivation

  • Too much housework

  • Unsuitable weather outside

  • Lack of or inaccurate knowledge about exercise

  • Lack of or inaccurate knowledge about nutrition

  • Lack of or inaccurate knowledge about stretching

  • Lack of knowledge about your relationship with the Universe

Sad Girl

You've Possibly Tried:

  • Diets and you could not keep them up

  • Gyms but there was no motivation to go

  • A personal trainer but the weight came back

  • Multivitamins and supplements but you feel bloated

  • Long walks and you still don’t look like a supermodel

Confound Face

You Might Have:

  • Asthma

  • Flat Foot

  • Diabetes

  • Fatty Liver

  • Past Injuries

  • Cholesterol issues

  • High Stress Levels

  • A smoking addiction

  • A drinking addiction

  • A sweet tooth addiction

  • High adrenaline from a successful career

Illustrated Medical Heart

- Here's Where We Come In - 

Top To Toe

(T5 Method)

by Zephyr Khambatta

An 8-Week Education & Coaching Programme That Equips You With The Tools To PERMANENTLY Lose Fats

Healthily & Sculpt The Body Of Your Dreams,

With Lifetime Access.

Students Studying Outside

What You WILL Learn

Pencil and notepad
  • How to develop your own methodology, structure and system to suit
    YOUR body, YOUR health and YOUR goals, whether that’s losing a little bit of weight, or sculpting a sexy midsection where you look great
    with your tummy showing, for both males and females.

  • How to enjoy what your body needs you to do for it to be healthy.

  • How to convert SUPPOSEDLY healthy eating habits
    (otherwise they would be working, no?)
    into ACTUALLY healthy eating habits.

  • How to tailor your own exercise programme to your needs and desires, with only 3 square metres of space needed.

  • How to stretch every major and minor muscle group properly
    (hint: stretching is what shapes your body - yes, we know our stuff.)

  • How to better connect to the Universe to actually understand what
    you are doing to your body, and change which parts you do not like,
    and keep which parts you like.

Results & Benefits Of

Our Programme Include:

  • Reduced tummy size.

  • Fit & toned limbs.

  • An attractive body, regardless of age.

  • Amazing mood & well-being throughout the day.

  • Minor & sometimes major diseases either fully healed or improved to varying extents because of Reiki healing.

  • High motivation in all parts of life.

  • Shorter workouts, 20 minutes a day is all you need for yourself.

  • Balanced muscle strength across sections of body & within each limb to help prevent injuries.

  • Overcoming laziness.

  • Connection to the Universe for an all natural body (We don't mean the dreamy stuff they say on the audio you hear in spa advertisements. We mean an actual connection.)

  • Higher energy levels and uplifted mood.

  • High levels of nutritional knowledge.

  • High levels of exercise knowledge.

  • No need to spend money on a personal trainer ever again.


No need for crazy fad diets.

(We do not recommend them, they go against nature)


No need for bottled and powdered supplements.

(We do not take those, they are unnecessary)


No need for HIIT workouts where you are left huffing and puffing after.

(We don’t see the point in acting like monkeys on clocks and timers)


No need for long cardio sessions out of fear.

(unless you want to be an athlete, or to enjoy for recreation)


No need to give up meat or your favourite foods.

(unless you start to like new things, and reduce unhealthy food)
(which you might after the knowledge we give you)


No need for access to a gym.

(unless you want to go there)


No need to hire a personal trainer. Ever. Again.
(unless you want to)


No need for modern “Yoga” programmes that leave you painful and fumbling all over the floor like a child who hasn’t learnt to sit or walk.

(unless you want to by choice)

Note: You can do any of the above mentioned "NOs" if you want to.

It is your body, and your life. However, after our programme,

there will NOT be a NEED to, with the knowledge you’ve gained.


You will be able to take care of yourself FOR LIFE

with your own system that you will design for your own needs

and well-being with accurate, deep knowledge.

Yoga by the Pool

What You DO Need To Have

  • A yoga mat, carpet or soft/padded floor you can exercise and stretch on.

  • 2 dumbbells of your own weight preference,
    but not necessary for
     absolute beginners
    ("beginner" means you haven’t exercised in 10 or more years).

  • Excitement and happiness at being able to craft the body of your dreams in your own home or wherever life takes you.

What You WILL Get

  • Over 11 Hours Of Video Lessons & Counting (Our course keeps growing)!

  • 1-On-1 Coaching Calls (Optional)

  • 1 Live QnA Call Per Fortnight 

  • Lifetime Access To Over 20 Videos & Counting (Expanding Knowledge Base) 
    Explaining Every Single Top-To-Toe Stretch

  • Lifetime Access To Over 38 Videos & Counting (Expanding Knowledge Base)
    Explaining Every Single Top-To-Toe Exercise

  • Mythbusting Nutrition Knowledge For A Healthier You

  • Guidelines On Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Guidelines On Connecting To The Universe To Heal Your Energy Body,
    Which Helps To Align Your Nutrition & Exercise Choices

  • Reiki Healing Sessions For Your Overall Well-Being

  • Angel Card Readings For Your Health Guidance

  • Lifetime Access To Our Facebook Community Where You Can
    Ask Questions And Get Support From Other Members And Our Instructors

Meet Your Teacher & Coach

ZK Latest Profile Picture.jpg

Zephyr Khambatta

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Reiki Distance Healing Practitioner

  • Teacher & Coach (12 Years)

  • Hockey, Soccer & Canoeing Medalist

  • Spiritual Card Reader & Counsellor

  • Priest (From Age 13)

  • Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Drummer (Featured on MTV, VH1 & Regional Press)

  • Featured In The Media Over 20 Times For Life Choices & Mind, Body Spirit Matters

  • Speaker

  • Writer

About Zephyr

Spiritual Life Success Coach & Recording Artist (12 Years)

Currently a certified personal trainer, MTV/VH1 featured recording artist, Reiki distance healing practitioner, spiritual card reader, counsellor, teacher and coach to students from ages 3 to 65, Zephyr attended Singapore's top schools, Raffles Institution & Raffles Junior College and university, National University of Singapore and then dropped out to follow his dream path in mind, body & spirit, acquiring a music degree with honours and other certifications along the way. His pursuit of knowledge is relentless.

He has been featured in the media over 20 times for life choices and mind, body and spirit matters and regional and international radio and press for his music.

He also gave up his inhaler habit for Asthma of 25 years in a single night, just this year and attributes that to his mind, body and spirit practises which also help with inflammation and other diseases.

In 2020, he created 'The Top to Toe Transformation' to help individuals who want to slim down and have a great body, learn how to lose fats and sculpt an attractive body healthily, effectively, and permanently.



Niharika Jain
Director, Chemvera

Khursheed Olpadwala
Financial Analyst, Ontario Public Service

Untitled design (1).png

Chartered Accountant,
*Name cannot be shared
for privacy reasons

WhatsApp Love!

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Untitled design (2).png

Adhava RRV, 29
Technical Architect Analyst

"He is very knowledgeable and professional. He is an excellent Life Coach too! I am very happy that I took up this coaching. He actually knows what works in real life and what doesn't. I learnt that he is into

holistic healing too! Now I'm

curious to try it with him one day."

Professional Woman

Mai, 30

"Zephyr is a passionate teacher who strives to instil love for the subject matter in his students. He spurs them on, encouraging & motivating them to do better each time. At the same time, he manages to infuse fun & creativity into his lessons!"

Chekwei Photo 2.png

Chia Chek Wei, 26,
Technology Analyst


"Zephyr is very patient and his focus

on fundamentals makes it easy

for amateurs. Besides being

an inspiring and cool teacher,

Zephyr makes a good friend too."


Ivan Lee, 68
Financial Trader

"It is really great learning from Zephyr. His lessons are always well-structured & I find them to be very engaging & motivating. I always look forward to the next lesson. Should anyone wish to engage the services of such a fine and gifted young man, I would not hesitate to recommend him that very instant."

Vishen Lakiani Image For Website Testimo

Vishen Lakhiani, 44
CEO, Mindvalley

"His story is really inspirational."
"He now has a mission, not a career."


Kairavi Majumdar, 27,
Senior Consultant,

Employee Relations,


"Zephyr goes to the crux of what

needs to be tweaked to attain the

level of health you are looking for."

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